You Are Never Alone

Providing individualized TLC to children

and teens in challenging circumstances


Our Story

In 2013, a young mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Understandably, her children were not coping very well.

One man from her community stepped in to try and ease their burden. He took her sons on weekly fun trips, and the results were clear: These outings positively affected the boys and made their difficult situation more manageable.

This man realized that there are, unfortunately, many other families in similar situations. He understood the need for an organization that helps alleviate some of the weight and pain these innocent children are experiencing – often alone. With that drive and determination, YANA was founded.

The YANA Mission

YANA strives to help children so that they never feel alone.

Every child needs love, care, and attention to thrive in school and at home. Sadly, there are often stressors at home – an illness or death in the family, divorce, or financial hardship – that make it harder for children to feel that love.

But no child wants to feel singled out as a needy case. Therefore, YANA aims to ensure that the children we help never realize they are members of an organization. It’s integral for children to feel and be treated like they are “normal” kids.

Mazel tov!
It’s a healthy
new baby!

Lev Shlomo

It’s a time of joy… and also a time of added expenses, with a list of baby items that need to be purchased. Many mothers cannot afford basic baby necessities. Others just don’t have anyone to do the shopping for them, turning this joyous occasion into an overwhelming one.

Founded in loving memory of Rabbi Shlomo Krupka, a”h, Lev Shlomo provides onesies, stretchies, hats, swaddles, blankets, diapers, and more to those who need them for financial or other logistical reasons.

To reserve a package for someone in need, or to donate new clothing or accessories, please call/text

Big Brother /Sister Program

YANA pairs up teens in tough situations with a big brother or sister, providing them with positive mentorship and a healthy support system. These mentors shower them with care and help them in any way they can, even if it’s simply a good shmooze.

Every few weeks, YANA funds a big brother/sister outing. These outings enable them to escape their everyday troubles in a relaxed atmosphere, such as a bowling alley or a pizza shop.

After School Program

Who doesn’t love something to look forward to?

This program is part of the big brother/sister program and gives the little siblings something to anticipate eagerly each week.

Once a week, all the pairs in the neighborhood meet up after school in a specific YANA location. They do homework and eat supper together. Then, each pair spends quality time enjoying the on-site arcades, ping-pong, and mini-basketball. The recreation and bonding do wonders for these children.

Chavrusa Program

Homework is a stressor in many households, especially in those without a father in the picture. Who will do Mishnayos and Gemara homework with the boys who don’t have a father in their life?

The YANA Chavrusa Program answers the call – homework helpers for those who need them.

Camp Scholarship Fund

Sleepaway camp is an opportunity for children to leave their troubles at home for a summer of fun and everlasting, happy memories.

YANA teams up with several camps to enable children to enjoy that experience without putting the extra financial burden on their already struggling parents.

Gifts for Yom Tov

YANA sends games and other presents to children in difficult situations to enhance their yom tov. Every child should feel the special yom tov spirit, no matter what they’re going through.

Sports Tickets

Every season, YANA arranges a major trip for all the YANA children. These trips include prime sports games.

Tickets to sporting events can add up to a lot of money. Thankfully, sharingseats.org has donated thousands of tickets to the YANA foundation. Sharing Seats is an NPO that strives to brighten the lives of disadvantaged children by donating tickets to various exciting events.

Do You Want to Help

Make a Difference?

  • Become a big brother or sister
  • Tutor children who need a little extra academic help
  • Learn b’chavrusa with a struggling boy
  • Babysit for families who need it due to their circumstances
  • Refer us to families who can benefit from our services

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